Portrait of the Painter Joseph Heintz

Hans von Aachen

Hans von Aachen - Portrait of the Painter Joseph Heintz
Coming from the Nostitz collection, this portrait ranks among those, in which Hans von Aachen represented a number of his fellow artists during his sojourn in Italy (1574–1586/87). The painter depicted his model slightly from below, with his head turned directly to the viewer, whom he does not see, though. This portrait formula usually expresses a kind of superiority of the portrayed over his surroundings, but the expression of the young man in the canvas is not confident, but rather melancholy. In its immediacy and in that it captures a fleeting moment, the painting approaches the spontaneous, genre-like 1580s portraits by Annibale Carracci, to whom it had also been attributed. The portrayed person was identified as the painter Joseph Heintz (1564–1609), a native of Basel, later also active at Rudolf II’s court. The painting came into being in the period of 1584–1585, when the two artists stayed in Rome, and it proves their mutual contacts.
measurements: height 57 cm
width 44 cm
material: canvas
technique: oil
inventory number: DO 4326
gallery collection: Collection of Old Masters