Portrait of the Sculptor Josef Malinský

Antonín Machek

Antonín Machek - Portrait of the Sculptor Josef Malinský
Josef Malinský (1752 - 1827), whose real name was Maličký, opened a sculptor's studio in Prague, while under his real name Maličký he had a licence to run an inn, which was part of his wife's dowry and his main source of livelihood. As a sculptor Malinský was influenced by the last repercusssions of the Baroque and by certain Neo-Classicist elements. Machek painted Malinský with the attributes not only of his art (sculptor's tools), but also with those of an art collector (an ancient marble piece from the Rudolphine collections and a statue of Hercules). With its excellent and lively individualized features and subtle colours, this portrait is a masterpiece of Machek's Neo-Classicist period.
measurements: height 78,5 cm
width 62 cm
material: canvas
technique: oil
inventory number: O 4653
gallery collection: Collection of the 19th Century Art
licence: Creative Commons License public domain