The Resurrection / SS James the Less, Bartholomew, Philip

Master of the Třeboň Altarpiece

Master of the Třeboň Altarpiece - The Resurrection / SS James the Less, Bartholomew, Philip
The painter of the altarpiece, most likely active at the Prague royal court, is an outstanding European artist using an international style. His artistic style is very closely linked with the Franco-Flemish region. He produced a winged altar for the monastery of Augustinian canons in Třeboň which was founded by the House of Rožmberk in 1367; three panels painted on both sides have remained. We suppose that the centre and one of the wing panels are lost. The Passion scenes with a red background most likely decorated the outer wings while figures of saints related to the church consecration were painted on their inner sides. The Master’s creative character complied very well with the educated order of Augustine canons which remarkably influenced spiritual life in Charles IV’s Bohemia as well as in the entire Central Europe (devotio moderna). The Resurrection is one of the most impressive Gothic panel paintings in Bohemia. The miracle of Christ’s Resurrection is underlined with a sealed coffin above which the spiritual body of the Saviour levitates, being watched by the astounded soldiers. Colours and light are the main artistic means. Cast shadows are also found which induce a special tension between the intangible and physical.
measurements: height 132,8 cm
width 91,7 cm
in collections:
material: Spruce-wood on both side covered with canvas
technique: Tempera
inventory number: O 477
gallery collection: Collection of Old Masters
licence: Creative Commons License public domain