Study for the Painting, the Madonna of the Distaff

František Tkadlík

František Tkadlík - Study for the Painting, the Madonna of the Distaff
The theme of the Virgin Mary with a distaff was not entirely common, but was fully in keeping with Tkadlík’s concept of surprising the viewer with his originality. The definitive concept of a delicate portrait of a young girl, rendered in a pyramidal composition, derives from his inspiration with Raphael’s Madonnas. This graceful drawing is distinguished by soft and clearly defined lines of black and white chalk and light touches of red; given the artist’s superb treatment of the picture space, the image is imbued with plasticity. In Tkadlík’s entire oeuvre, the drawing has been invariably regarded as a unique masterpiece in its own right.
measurements: height 337 mm
width 282 mm
in collections:
material: paper
inventory number: K 1031
gallery collection: Collection of Prints and Drawings