The Old Town Hall in Wernigerode

Carl Josef Alois Bourdet

Carl Josef Alois Bourdet - The Old Town Hall in Wernigerode
As well as Josef Karel Burde (1779-1848) the first inspector of the Picture Gallery of The Society of Patriotic Friends of Arts, other members of Burde’s family also worked as artists. Continuing the family’s studio tradition, his older brother Jan Nepomuk Ignác (1776?1834) became a popular and respected engraver of cameos and seals. The oldest Josef Karel’s son was Vilém (1807?1825), who, just like the younger Rudolf Maria (1812?1840), died before his talent could be fully developed. The father was only survived by landscape painter Karel Borromeo (1828?1859). He was followed by his son, the last member of this artistic family, Karel Josef Alois Bourdet (1851?1928). As a respected professor at the Academy in Leipzig, Germany, he bequeathed the work of his ancestors to the Modern (today’s National) Gallery in Prague. Josef Karel Burde’s student Josef Eduard Wessely (1826?1895) played an important role in Burde’s family - he married Karel Borromeo’s widow, wrote the inspector’s biography and compiled the first list of his graphic artworks.
measurements: height 387 mm
width 240 mm
material: paper
technique: watercolour
inventory number: K 4368
gallery collection: Collection of Prints and Drawings