Still life with Grapes and Walnut

Jacob Fopsen van Es

Jacob Fopsen van Es - Still life with Grapes and Walnut
On a simple desk there lay two bunches of grapes, in the centre there is a half of a walnut, the remains of the nut shell laying on the right. The falling light creates the interplay of light and shade on the fruits. We can observe the changing texture of every single grape. The still life, however, offers more than a visual experience: the grapes, in Christian iconography, are a traditional reminder of the Christ´s blood while the hard nut shell reminds us of the wood of the cross and that the Savior has just passed away.
measurements: height 22,3 cm
width 27,5 cm
material: copper
technique: oil
inventory number: O 197
gallery collection: Collection of Old Masters