Rock Summit

Martin von Molitor

Martin von Molitor - Rock Summit
Molitor was a student of Johann Christian Brand in Vienna. He developed the subject of landscape which the painting represents in an unembellished, highly faithful fashion. The artist did not attempt to enliven the landscape with staffage and imbue it with further meaning. His landscape gives the impression of austerity, yet looks natural. In the case of this signed painting, this might have been the wish of Franz Gabeta, who commissioned the work: to prove his virtuosity of treatment in a section of landscape that “has no painterly character whatsoever and repulses the viewer's eye, rather than attracting it.” This observation is made in the catalogue of his art collection (1846) by Josef Hoser, who later obtained the painting.
measurements: height 50 cm
width 88 cm
material: canvas
technique: oil
inventory number: O 330
gallery collection: Collection of Old Masters