Landscape with Orientals Taking a Rest

Christoph Ludwig Agricola

Christoph Ludwig Agricola - Landscape with Orientals Taking a Rest
A group of Orientals was captured at everyday activities, such as cooking, clothes washing, food serving. Both in its composition and style, the painting can be linked to a group of scenes featuring Turks, for example, the Turkish Burial in a Landscape and Mill on a Rock from Natinal gallery in Prague or two pendants A Morning Landscape with a Turkish Burial Procession and A Morning landscape with a Wedding Procession ffrom Braunschweig, (Herzog Anton Ulrich Museum). Oriental scenes are dated to the first half of the 1690s - therefore into the time before Agricola´s departure for Italy. of many years in both Central and Eastern Europe. Likewise travel books helped extend the awareness of the Orient, we could name the book by Adam Olearius (1599-1671), Moskowitische und persische Reise: die holsteinische Gesandschaft 1633-1639, Schleswig 1656.
measurements: height 26 cm
width 37 cm
material: copper
technique: oil
inventory number: O 351
gallery collection: Collection of Old Masters