Tiger and Lioness Fighting for Prey

Karl Andreas Ruthart

Karl Andreas Ruthart - Tiger and Lioness Fighting for Prey
The painting presents a composition that was habitual in the works of Ruthart, namely animals ruthlessly fighting for prey. The scene is dominated by two fighting predators, while the landscape background, which plays an important part in Ruthart’s paintings (fighting animals are usually surrounded by wild natural scenery), is suppressed here and limited to a mere outline of mountain landscape in the distance. This canvas documents another approach in this painter's works, dependent on the production of Paul de Vos or Frans Snyders, representing the scene in considerable detail. The painting was part of the collection of Count Johann Anton Pergen of Pergen before 1813.
measurements: height 46,5 cm
width 57,7 cm
material: canvas
technique: oil
inventory number: O 8727
gallery collection: Collection of Old Masters