Josef Václav Myslbek - Music
Myslbek toyed for a long time with the idea of doing a statue of Music. We know from his diaries, notes and correspondence that he defined its content as "music - soul - spring - flower". He began work on this project in 1892, but for ten years he assiduously sought the definitive form in countless sketches and studies, again and again changing his concept and approach. In time he inclined towards the second draft, which he described as "kiss - understanding" - the figure of a girl covered in sophisticated draperies and pressing to her heart and lips a string instrument - the Czech mythological harp (varyto). With the statue Music Myslbek created a timeless work, filled with emotions and a striking content, brilliantly handled according to the principles of contemporaneous French sculpture. Myslbek worked on the definitive version of his allegory Music until 1907 - in 1913 the statue was cast in bronze and on 5 January 1914 installed in the foyer of the National Theatre in Prague.
measurements: height 225 cm
width 53 cm
depth 50 cm
material: plaster
inventory number: P 1071
gallery collection: Collection of 19th Century Art and Classical Modernism