Variant of the Krumlov Madonna

Master of the Krumlov Madonna - follower

Master of the Krumlov Madonna - follower - Variant of the Krumlov Madonna
Purchased by the Museum of Art and Industry in Vienna in the early 20th century, the Madonna of Český Krumlov represents one of the fundamental sculptures of the Beautiful Style. The composition of this famous statue recurred many times in historical copies and variants, the Madonna of Hallstatt near Salzburg being one of them – unlike the majority of the Beautiful Style artworks in Prague, it is not made of marlstone but of stone. This practice was common in Salzburg because of the lack of suitable material. The artist sculpted the statue out of a block of stone; the softness of the material, similar to fresh quarried marlstone, enabled him to use carving tools. The traces of tools are still visible on the back of the statue and residues of the original polychromy have also survived.
measurements: height 116,5 cm
width 44,5 cm
depth 32 cm
in collections:
material: Cast (artificial) stone,
technique: traces of polychromy
inventory number: P 226
gallery collection: Collection of Old Masters