Johann Rössler - Angel
In Rössler’s output, the two signed and dated bozzetti (inv. n. P 2343, P 2344) represent customary figure types of angels. From about 1737/1738, Rössler worked on commissions for Austrian churches and the abbeys of Klosterneuburg (1746), Herzogenburg (1770) and the Hungarian cathedral in Timişoara (1754). He was mainly a sculptor and woodcarver, but also worked as a stucco master and designer and manufacturer of church furnishings. From 1756 he was aligned mainly with the Vienna milieu (commissions for the Church of Maria Treu), where he lived and worked for the rest of his life.
measurements: height 33 cm
material: clay burndt with grey gilt
inventory number: P 2344
gallery collection: Collection of Old Masters