Seated Woman

Otto Gutfreund

Otto Gutfreund - Seated Woman
In the spring 1914, Otto Gutfreund left for Paris full of expectations of a more successful career. He was there when World War I broke out. He fought in northern France as a member of the Foreign Legion, but he was arrested in 1916 on suspicion of involvement in an alleged rebellion and imprisoned in 1918 in a French internment camp. Only two sculptures composed of treated pieces of wood from this period have survived. He developed the principles of his pre-war cubist work with the means available given the constraints under which he worked. His radical sculpture Seated Woman resulted in the construction of mutually perpendicular abstracted plans.
measurements: height 29,5 cm
width 31 cm
material: wood
inventory number: P 4905
gallery collection: Collection of 19th Century Art and Classical Modernism