Head - Relief (Self-Portrait)

Otto Gutfreund

Otto Gutfreund - Head - Relief  (Self-Portrait)
Head is a stylized Gutfreund self-portrait expressing the inception and character of his sculpture concept based on the “moving surface” principle, which rejected closed volume measurable by intellect. Of the face’s actual features, only the model's profile, with a prominent nose, remained captured in relief; otherwise, the entire head seems engulfed by a galactic vortex and endless smooth rhythm of abstract concave surfaces, the head itself being their focal point and source. In terms of theme, the relief makes the artist’s head the focus of the creative mental process that produced the sculptor’s concept.
measurements: height 36 cm
width 27,5 cm
material: bronze
inventory number: P 5063
gallery collection: Collection of 19th Century Art and Classical Modernism