Cubist Bust

Otto Gutfreund

Otto Gutfreund - Cubist Bust
The sculpture, which is inspired by Picasso’s and Braque’s synthetic cubism, is the climax of Gutfreund’s sculpture art prior to the First World War. The pyramidal composition of permeating vertical and horizontal planes, edges, and arches connects the geometric construction with the figural topic that is only indicated by signs of a human face, an opening for an eye or edges indicating a nose and chin. Depressions and openings are formed by the penetration of the form and space which is the basic principle of Gutfreund’s cubism. The human appearance is changed into a relief structure which resembles architecture.
measurements: height 64 cm
width 59 cm
depth 45 cm
in collections:
material: patinated plaster
inventory number: P 5299
gallery collection: Collection of 19th Century Art and Classical Modernism