Mother of Sorrows

Anonymous - Nürnberg

Anonymous - Nürnberg - Mother of Sorrows
The sculpture was originally part of a multi-figural sculpture entitled Crucifixion, which is believed to stand in the centre of the altarpiece or on the beam of the triumphal ark of a minor church. The remarkable sculpture seems to belong to the transitional stylistic period between the deceasing International style and the beginning of the late Gothic. The Nuremberg sculpture documents the span and intensity of the Netherlandish-oriented art tendecies introduced to Central Europe by the following sculptors: Hans Multscher of Ulm, Jacob Kaschauer of Vienna or the Master of Crucifixion from St Bartholomew, whose work is actually tied with the Franconian Nuremberg.
measurements: height 114 cm
width 38 cm
depth 25 cm
material: limewood
technique: polychromy, remnants of gilding
inventory number: P 5555
gallery collection: Collection of Old Masters

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