Woman with a Vase

Vincenc Makovský

Vincenc Makovský - Woman with a Vase
Vincenc Makovský was the most distinctive representative of surrealism in Czech sculpture. Radical experiments with materials date from his brief surrealist period in 1932-1934. To create the basically classical figural theme in the relief Woman with a Vase, he employed the technique of assemblage from ill-assorted non-artistic materials of varied structure and colour (crushed cork, wax, tar, strings, textile, corrugated cardboard, matches). The loose treatment of low-quality, formless materials makes it difficult to apprehend the ambiguous bodily forms, which led to critical reviews.
measurements: height 136 cm
width 121 cm
depth 20 cm
material: cork, wax, cardboard, textile, string, matches, tar
inventory number: P 6119
gallery collection: Collection of 19th Century Art and Classical Modernism
licence: copyrighted work

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