Electricians II

Ladislav Zívr

Ladislav Zívr - Electricians II
Ladislav Zívr is known above all in connection with the Skupina 42 artists’ association, among whose members he was the only sculptor. However, he did not accept the group’s programmatic focus on modern civilization and the daily reality of urban life without reservation. Apart from the reality of life, he also emphasized imagination drawn from man's relation to nature. After his initial doubts, he found a way of rendering the group’s programme using sculptural means in subjects of work and man’s relation to machinery, where his simplified figures merge with technical equipment or a profession’s attribute into a single plastic whole. Most of Zívr’s sculptures that were in harmony with Skupina 42’s civilist style were produced in the postwar years 1946-1949.
measurements: height 116 cm
width 40 cm
depth 17 cm
material: patinated fired clay
inventory number: P 7858
gallery collection: Collection of Modern and Contemporary Art
licence: copyrighted work

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