Tobacco Administration IV (In the Café)

Jaroslav Horejc

Jaroslav Horejc - Tobacco Administration IV (In the Café)
Jaroslav Horejc did sculptures both monumental and small to adorn many public and private buildings, including prestigious state commissions. For the Directorate of the Czechoslovak Tobacco Administration in Prague 2, he created decorative covers for heating units depicting eight genre scenes of the harvesting, processing and consumption of tobacco. The figural grilles, in their style, theme and narrative concept, are in line with the civilist trend of 1920s Czech sculpture. The National Gallery in Prague houses four preparatory reliefs for this work, with a full background depicting the tobacco harvest, its factory processing, sale in a tobacco shop and smokers in a café.
measurements: height 55 cm
width 55 cm
material: bronze
technique: relief
inventory number: P 8279
gallery collection: Collection of Modern and Contemporary Art
licence: copyrighted work

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