Self-Portrait at the Age of 28

Heinrich Aldegrever - engraver

Heinrich Aldegrever - engraver - Self-Portrait at the Age of 28
Donated 1884 by Vojtěch Lanna. The engraver, painter and goldsmith Heinrich Aldegrever was the creator of an extensive and technically brilliant graphic oeuvre. His main influence was Albrecht Dürer whose monogram he also paraphrased, while another source of his inspiration was the works by the Netherlandish and Italian graphic artists. Aldegrever was active in the, at that time, very significant Westphalian city of Soest, but his works were much closer to the style of the Nuremberg „small masters“. He focused on a rather wide range of subjects: mythological and religious scenes and, substantially, also genres, portraits and, last but not least, ornaments. One of Aldegrever’s works valued the most is, among others, the series of The Big Wedding Dancers, also donated to the Gallery by Vojtěch Lanna. Other prints from the Lanna donation testify to the collector’s fondness for ornamental engravings by Aldegrever. The artist executed his impressive graphic self-portrait at the age of 28, presenting himself as a painter. Nevertheless, his painting oeuvre remains almost unknown to this day.
measurements: height 146 mm
width 102 mm
in collections:
material: paper
technique: engraving
inventory number: R 486
gallery collection: Collection of Prints and Drawings