Karel Vítězslav Mašek - Spring
K.V.Mašek reacted in a highly original manner to contemporaneous impulses of Late Romanticism and Symbolism. The salient features of his ideal compositions are Naturalism and carefully arranged stylization with decadent elements. In the allegory Spring he placed with great artistic virtuosity a female nude into a natural scenery and purposefully harmonized light and shade. He kept his sentimentality linked to idealization within the limits of sophisticated painting with a rich range of colour values. The influence of the Pre-Raffaelites, re-assessed and appreciated in a new manner by the Jugendstil and Symbolism, is unmistakable.
measurements: height 224 cm
width 122 cm
material: canvas
technique: oil
inventory number: O 16811
gallery collection: Collection of the 19th Century Art
licence: Creative Commons License public domain