Dancing House in Prague

Frank O. Gehry, Vlado Milunič

Frank O. Gehry, Vlado Milunič - Dancing House in Prague
The house encloses an important, yet small corner plot in the block of embankment houses in the centre of Prague which had been unoccupied since the Second World War. It is an isolated example of expressive dynamic architecture in Prague, a structure modelled as a sculpture. The expression exceptionality helps it fit well among the Art Nouveau and eclectic houses. The wavy lines on the façade and two levels of windows on each floor underline the diversion from tradition. The energy of the house expands with two towers at the corners: a concrete one broadening upwards and a glass one which is bent in a dance movement – hence the nickname ‘Dancing House’. The model was built in Vlado Milunić’s architectural studio especially for the exhibition in the Fair Trade Palace.
measurements: height 43,5 cm
width 37,5 cm
depth 43 cm
in collections:
material: balza wood
technique: mixed techniques
inventory number: AM 61
gallery collection: Collection of Modern and Contemporary Art
licence: copyrighted work

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