Television Tower at Jeětěd Mountain

Karel Hubáček, Zdeněk Patrman

Karel Hubáček, Zdeněk Patrman - Television Tower at Jeětěd Mountain
The model depicts one of the most interesting structures to have emerged in the Czech Republic during the 20th century. The tower was erected on the site of a traditional mountain chalet which was destroyed by fire. However, it has a very technical shape, its soft line giving an impression of extending the peak of the mountain. Because of the extreme location at the altitude of 1,012 m, the entire technology had to be hidden under the peripheral shell. The structure is thus equipped with an inner reinforced concrete core with the internal oscillation absorber, and the core supports the steel structure of the hotel. The composition of the peripheral shell is rather unconventional – in the place where television technology is situated, it is modelled from laminate on laminate pre-stressed rods. In 1969, the International Union of Architects awarded the Auguste Perret Prize to the structure for the harmony of the new technology, new materials, and new architectural expression. In 2000, it was elected the Czech architectural work of the 20th century.
measurements: height 135 cm
width 100 cm
depth 160,5 cm
in collections:
material: laminate, plexiglass
technique: mixed techniques
inventory number: AM 63
gallery collection: Collection of Modern and Contemporary Art
licence: copyrighted work

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