Master of the Carrying of the Cross from Vyšší Brod - Visitation of the Virgin Mary
Originally, the panel painting featuring the Visitation was part of an altarpiece whose three other panel paintings have survived in various collections. One of them was the panel with the Cross-bearing from Vyšší Brod, according to which the South Bohemian painter is named. It appears to have originated in a Český Krumlov workshop which drew inspiration from the earlier Late Beautiful Style tradition of Bohemian panel painting. Abandoning precision of decoration of metal-plated areas of paintings and sculptures is typical of the post-Hussite Wars period. The decoration schemes are simpler, and less technically demanding methods are used for décors.
measurements: height 100,3 cm
width 71 cm
material: canvas-covered limewood
technique: tempera
inventory number: DO 4101
gallery collection: Collection of Old Masters