Allegory of the Four Seasons and Human Ages

Simon de Vos

Simon de Vos - Allegory of the Four Seasons and Human Ages
This work by de Vos can almost be read as a book and its meaning gradually deciphered. The central subject is the allegory of the five senses: the mirror stands for sight, the wine and drinks stand for taste, while the rose and dog mean smell: hearing is personified by a playing musical instrument and finally, the embrace of the young couple implies touch. The lovers also symbolise youth, while Bacchus stands for mature age and the couple on the right allude to old age. In this sense, also the course of the seasons in the background develops - from spring to summer to autumn, and finally, frosty winter.
measurements: height 49 cm
width 64 cm
material: wood
technique: oil
inventory number: DO 4139
gallery collection: Collection of Old Masters