The Feast of Esther

Frans ll. Francken

Frans ll. Francken - The Feast of Esther
Frans II Francken also came from a branching painters´ family. His painting entitled The Feast of Esther describes narratively the most important episodes of the Old Testament Book of Esther. In the first plane, the banquet takes place, to which Queen Ether invited her husband, King Ahasuerus and the traitor Haman. During the meal, she petitioned for her people not to be destroyed, as Haman had required. The king answered her request. The scene in the very background shows Haman´s end - he was hanged on the gallows, which he had himself planned for Mordecai, Esther´s relative.
measurements: height 55 cm
width 68,6 cm
material: copper
technique: oil
inventory number: DO 4201
gallery collection: Collection of Old Masters