Venus Disarming Cupid

Anthonie Blocklandt van Montfoort

Anthonie Blocklandt van Montfoort - Venus Disarming Cupid
Venus Disarming Cupid is a late work of the Mannerist Antonio Blocklandt from the Northern Netherlands. As frequently stated in literature, the painting may be identified with naked Venus, a mid-size painting as recorded by the famous theoretician and painter Karel van Mander in 1604. Emperor Rudolf II, who had a soft spot for slightly mythological topics with slightly erotic character, acquired the painting for his collection. After his death, nudes (including this Venus) were removed from the castle collection and sold. The precursors of the complicated, charming motion of the nearly immaterial goddess bowing down to Cupid appear in paintings by Italian Renaissance and Mannerist masters. Familiarity with the engraving by Marcantonio Raimondi is assumed as well as the influence of Michelangelo and Parmigianino. The artist familiarised himself with the Italian masters during his sojourn in Italy, recorded by Van Mander in 1604, and through his teacher, the Romanist Frans Floris.
measurements: height 168 cm
width 90 cm
material: canvas
technique: oil
inventory number: DO 4227
gallery collection: Collection of Old Masters