Peter De Witte (called Candid - (copy)) - Annunciation
The painting of the Annunciation from the National Gallery in Prague was made after a print by Jan I Sadeler. The model for the copper engraving was the lost painting by Peter de Witte, called Candid, created in Munich most probably between 1586, when Candid came to Munich and 1595, when Sadeler left the city. Candid returned to the theme of the Annunciation several times. At the time he also painted an altarpiece with the theme of the Annunciation for St Michael’s Church in Munich. Candid’s compositions of the Annunciation reveal the knowledge of both Roman and Florentine Mannerism. Points out that Candid also found inspiration in the tradition of early 16th-century painting, namely in the works of Andrea del Sarto.
measurements: height 20 cm
width 26 cm
material: copper
technique: oil
inventory number: DO 5348
gallery collection: Collection of Old Masters