Adriena Šimotová

Adriena Šimotová - Supporting
Supporting belongs with a group of spatial drawings for the making of which Adriena Šimotová opted for a roll of multi-layer technical paper. Figurative symbols devoid of redundant details are inscribed into the individual sheets of paper. The forcefully drawn line follows the figures’ contours and their movement that appears as if frozen beyond time and space. Adriena Šimotová re-evaluates here her own experience with the perforation method - the resulting work is created using a destructive impact that combines the piercing the drawing’s outline and the transfer of the impressed image by means of charcoal layers. Rather than a fleeting episode, the impetus for the use of this method is the theme of the agony of human existence that is in tune with the artist’s Christian belief. The drawing therefore conveys a certain urgency in its representation of uncertainties that are no longer merely the depiction of subjective relationships but also reflect the collective experience of the times.
measurements: height 2800 mm
width 900 mm
material: carbon paper in several layers
technique: Spacial drawing
inventory number: K 56664
gallery collection: Collection of Prints and Drawings