Drawing No. XCI from the Berlin Cycle

Stanislav Kolíbal

Stanislav Kolíbal - Drawing No. XCI from the Berlin Cycle
Stanislav Kolíbal’s monumental cycle was produced during his stay in Berlin in 1988. It contains more than 100 drawings that are numbered with Roman numerals. The artist himself comments on the cycle as follows: “? I began each drawing with what seems to be a mechanical division of the paper into halves. The distances were then determined by the radius of the circle or the sides of the squares. Through the process drawing a certain constellation was achieved whose result I saw in the discovery of unforeseen concordances and balances. Some of the drawings served as inspiration for my 3-D Structures." (Stanislav Kolíbal. Retrospective, exhibition catalogue, National Gallery in Prague 1997, p. 166.) The cycle is a remarkable example of Stanislav Kolíbal's conceptually spatial thinking that is also reflected in his subsequent realizations in various spaces.
measurements: height 860 mm
width 610 mm
material: paper
technique: Pencil and charcoal drawing
inventory number: K 63219
gallery collection: Collection of Prints and Drawings