Study of a nude - preparatory study for Medicine

Gustav Klimt

Gustav Klimt - Study of a nude - preparatory study for Medicine
In 1894, Franz Matsch and Gustav Klimt were authorized to do a ceiling painting in the lounge of the University of Vienna. The central painting Victory of Light Over Darkness by Franz Matsch was supposed to be complemented by four smaller paintings of allegories of university faculties and decoration on the ceiling spandrels. Klimt prepared three depictions of faculties Philosophy, Medicine and Jurisprudence. Over the years, Klimt's artistic vocabulary underwent a considerable change in content and style towards a new concept of symbolism and open sexuality. The new concept showed his vision that combined an understanding of art and morality with a pessimistic view of the world. In contrast to the customary requirements of idealized reality, Klimt did not hesitate to show taboo themes, such as disease, death, physical decline or poverty. A scandal, his concept was rejected in Vienna, but Philosophy, Medicine and Jurisprudence won recognition at World Exhibitions. The paintings, never installed at the University of Vienna, were eventually destroyed in a fire at Immendorf Chateau in 1945.
measurements: height 450 mm
width 328 mm
material: wrapping paper
technique: Blue pencil
inventory number: K 8704
gallery collection: Collection of Prints and Drawings