Still Life with Pike and Perch

Pieter de Putter

Pieter de Putter - Still Life with Pike and Perch
Among the painting genres, great popularity was achieved by depictions fish takes, as sea fishing was one of the important economic activities in the Netherlands. Fishing in rivers and streams was rather a domain of the aristocrats and patricians who understood it as a sport and amusement. Pieter de Putter, who worked in The Hague for some time, devoted himself mainly to painting fresh-water fish. In the Prague composition, he skilfully depicted their lustrous brownish bodies, and also the fishing tools. The mesh of the net was engraved in the wet paint with the brush-handle.
measurements: height 38,5 cm
width 53,5 cm
material: oak panel
technique: oil
inventory number: O 10656
gallery collection: Collection of Old Masters