The Return of Jephthah of Gilead

Johann Georg Platzer

Johann Georg Platzer - The Return of Jephthah of Gilead
The pair of paintings entitled The Return of Jephthah of Gilead and David Meeting Abigail form pendant paintings. The first shows Jephthah who approaches his house and notes his only daughter dancing toward him. Jephthah is crushed with sorrow because he had made a vow to the Lord that if he conquered the Ammonites he would offer Him a flaming sacrifice of the first person to exit his house to greet him. The pendant composition David Meeting Abigail respects the arrangement of the scene used in the Return of Jephthah: David is shown arriving from the right at the head of a company of soldiers, whereas Abigail, surrounded by her retinue carrying gifts, kneels in front of David. The common subject of the pair of paintings here is the theme of humility and obedience.
measurements: height 21 cm
width 33 cm
material: copper
technique: oil
inventory number: O 12969
gallery collection: Collection of Old Masters
author of the entry PhDr. Martina JANDLOVÁ SOŠKOVÁ, Ph.D.
from cycle: Johann Georg Platzer’s pendants David a Abigail and The Return of Jephthah of Gilead

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