Landscape with a Herd at a Watering Place

Johann Heinrich Roos

Johann Heinrich Roos - Landscape with a Herd at a Watering Place
Signed and dated work of Johann Heinrich Roos, initially from the collection of Josef Hoser, follows the painting from the National Gallery in Prague, Landscape with a Herd, dated 1665 (O 138). In this case, the pyramidal composition is formed by figures, the architectural ruins only enhance it. The most distinct feature in the painting is the mutual relatedness of the animals and the people. The imaginary vertex of the composition is the shepherd on horseback, who looms above the rest of the herd and above the other man, riding a donkey in the background. Developing the intimateness of the represented scene, this compositional model can be seen in another four pendants, dated 1667: Morning, Noon, Afternoon, and Evening from the Landesmuseum in Oldenburg.
measurements: height 51 cm
width 63,5 cm
material: oak panel
technique: oil
inventory number: O 149
gallery collection: Collection of Old Masters

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