Self Portrait with His Family

Tobias Pock

Tobias Pock - Self Portrait with His Family
The portrait depicts Tobias Pock with his wife and three sons at the table. The father is seated in an armchair, holding a piece of paper with the drawing of Homo Bulla in his hand. On his left, his wife Catharina is situated, stroking a small dog. At the side of the couple, the three sons are placed, communicating with the parents in a lively way. The youngest son Johann Jacob is seated beside his mother, drawing; his name is revealed by the drawing of St James with his attributes: the pilgrim's hat and a shell. The drawing utensils, the pair of compasses and a smoother symbolize his future painter’s vocation. The middle son, Joseph Franz, who at the time of the portrait was appointed master of the painters? guild in Vienna, is showing the family the canvas depicting the Holy Family. The table displays a painter’s palette with brushes. The work of the eldest of Pock’s sons, who is leaning to the two brothers, is suggested by a doctor’s biretta. The wall in the background of the painting reveals more family portraits.
measurements: height 124 cm
width 198 cm
material: canvas
technique: oil
inventory number: O 17229
gallery collection: Collection of Old Masters

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