Altare portaile of Boletice

before 1450) Anonymous (South Bohemia

before 1450) Anonymous (South Bohemia - Altare portaile of Boletice
Using a transferable altarpiece clergy served the masses while traveling. Some of the parts, such as the stone altar slab and the relics, are therefore the same as one encounters on a fixed altarpieces. Transferable altarpieces were often expensively adorned. The Altarpiece of Boletice is one of the more rustic variants: the slate slab is embedded in a not specifically ornate frame with St Barbara and St Agnes, typologically related to the Saint virgins painted on the frames of panels from South Bohemia. The figure of St Agnes is depicted as a brush sketch on the lower brim of the frame. In the same part of the frame a shrine for relics of saints with remnants of the seal can be observed.
measurements: height 32 cm
width 24,5 cm
material: wood, slate
technique: tempera
inventory number: O 17349
gallery collection: Collection of Old Masters