Jiří Načeradský

Jiří Načeradský - Woman-Chicken
During the period of political suppresion, this highly talented painter and foremost exponent of the so-called Czech grotesque retained continuity with his earlier work. Woman - Chicken forms a part of the extensive cycle Mantis, in which he linked a grotesquely erotic theme with the concept of a hybrid mutant and of manipulation. This painting is composed as a simple symmetrical symbol that combines Disney - like anthropomorphic and zoomorphic elements into the shape of a grotesque robot. The author’s sceptical approach to female intimacy has no doubt its private contexts, yet is is also a reflection of the decline of values during the period of political repression in Czech society that culminated just around 1980. The painterly qualitites and liberal composition classifies this painting with Načeradský’s very best works of this style.
measurements: height 150 cm
width 130 cm
material: canvas
technique: acrylic paint
inventory number: O 17506
gallery collection: Collection of Modern and Contemporary Art