Still Life with a Jewell Box and a Medallion

Johann Adalbert Angermayer

Johann Adalbert Angermayer - Still Life with a Jewell Box and a Medallion
The choice of motifs in these pendant still lifes is relatively non-traditional, for jewels, laces or decorative ribbons do not appear often in the still lifes of that time. The paintings present the equipment of an aristocrat, and accessories of a well-to-do lady. The cases of the two open watches reflect the painter’s self potrait, and the window of his studio. Hung on a red ribbon, the medallion shows a portrayal of a young man - perhaps the lady’s husband, and possibly a person who commissioned the still life. Rather than a reminiscence of the briefness and evanescence of life (vanitas), expressed by the flowers on the table and impressively arranged luxury objects, these still lifes demonstrate the painter’s brilliancy and originality of his choice of motifs.
measurements: height 23 cm
width 31 cm
material: copper
technique: oil
inventory number: O 18016
gallery collection: Collection of Old Masters

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