Baroque I.

Jakub Špaňhel

Jakub Špaňhel - Baroque I.
The painter and graphic artist Jakub Špaňhel is one of the artists who deliberately work with art history influences and motifs. The way Jakub Špaňhel uses art history inspiration is unforced and somewhat natural. It appeared in his oeuvre as early as the 1990s when his art production was clearly inspired by visual arts and literature. His knowledge of the history of art and literature helped Špaňhel achieve greater freedom and emancipate from possible patterns. In his perspective of the artworks of the past, emotional astonishment over the seen and perceived is essential, the thrilling feeling that intuitively strikes you at the moment of a deep and strong experience. Therefore, he is not only inspired by painting but also significantly by historic architecture, especially sacral interiors.
measurements: height 200 cm
width 150 cm
in collections:
material: canvas
technique: acrylic
inventory number: O 18172
gallery collection: Collection of Modern and Contemporary Art
licence: copyrighted work

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