Josef Bolf - Car
The paintings of Josef Bolf approximate film and literary horrors; these bonds have been mentioned many times. Nonetheless, Bolf is not interested in the explicit depiction of cruelty in its anatomic form but rather in situations and moments that preceded the tragic dread or that will follow. His empty interiors filled with anxiety and loneliness, similar to a city landscape affect spectators with urgent ambiguity of great intensity. Bolf’s typical motifs of animal heads and flaming fires are again found in the seeming ordinariness of the depicted scenes as well as the forest as the symbol of the subconscious mind, impassable bushes, in which only the anticipated and therefore attractive dreads and mysteries are hidden.
measurements: height 223 cm
width 287 cm
in collections:
material: canvas
technique: acrylic
inventory number: O 18965
gallery collection: Collection of Modern and Contemporary Art
licence: copyrighted work

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