Painter’s Studio (Visit to a Studio)

Norbert Grund

Norbert Grund - Painter’s Studio (Visit to a Studio)
In this arranged genre scene, Grund represented a visit of a noble couple in the painter’s studio. Whereas behind the curtain in the background common painter’s activities take place - a journeyman is mixing colours, canvases drawn on frames are ready to be used - the foreground conspicuously emphasizes the attributes referring to an idea of a learned painter - a collection of engravings, a globe, geometrical apparatus, bust of an ancient philosopher. Likewise, a debate over the theme of the displayed canvas, in which Job is depicted, meditating on the symbols of art, which bring him consolation and hope, clearly points to the role of intellect in the painter’s work. On the contrary, the pendant clearly accentuates the amount of physical work and brilliant craftsmanship going into a sculptor’s work. The artist focused on representing the various sculptor’s activities leading to the rise of the final artwork. In an illustrative manner, it depicts the running of a studio under the supervision of its master, and the collaboration on the execution of the commission, with the use of preparatory drawings and plastic models. As in the case of its pendant Grund had taken over the basic compositional scheme and pictorial motifs from the work of the Flemish painter Balthasar van der Bossche and transferred them into the Classicist form. The paintings can also be understood as allegories of Painting and Sculpture, which are being compared in the competition between the various fields of art (paragone).
measurements: height 25 cm
width 34,8 cm
material: beechwood
technique: oil
inventory number: O 266
gallery collection: Collection of Old Masters

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