The Visitation of the Virgin Mary called of Švamberk

after 1450) Anonymous (South Bohemia

after 1450) Anonymous (South Bohemia - The Visitation of the Virgin Mary called of Švamberk
The small panel of unknown provenance is among the significant works of the group of monuments that are hypothetically associated with South Bohemian provenance. It is one of the few devotional works with a painted frame of Bohemical provenance where the narrative Visitation with two assisting main holy virgins - Saint Dorothea and Saint Catherine - forms the central scene instead of the representative Marian depiction. The kneeling donor has been identified, thanks to the coat of arms, as a member of an influential Švamberk family. In addition to the usual iconographical setting of the Evangelists and Holy Virgins, Saint Cecilia (the musical instrument attribute) is also depicted at the bottom bar of the frame.
measurements: height 57,5 cm
width 57,5 cm
material: canvas-covered limewood, the reverse painted on (marble décor)
technique: tempera
inventory number: O 673
gallery collection: Collection of Old Masters