Matthias Bernhard Braun - Angel I
The two pendant sculptures originally stood in the former hermitage of St Jerome, outside this saint’s chapel, built by Franz Anton Count Sporck in the locality called Na čihadlech, near Lysá nad Labem. The right-hand item of the two monumental sculptures is better preserved, and it was also more sensitively modelled. It is therefore considered to have been largely executed by Braun himself. This Prague master transformed - doubtless also under the influence of hundreds of years of the carving tradition of his Tirolean homeland - the heavy sandstone into a material sculpted almost like the pliable limewood. Here, as well, he got inspired by the renowned angel sculptures by Gianlorenzo Bernini and his pupils, installed in various Roman churches and on the Bridge of Angels.
measurements: height 245 cm
material: sandstone
technique: sculpture
inventory number: P 3081
gallery collection: Collection of Old Masters

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