St Linhart (Leonard)

Master of Lamentation from Zvíkov

Master of Lamentation from Zvíkov - St Linhart (Leonard)
The artist, called after the relief on the Zvíkov Castle altarpiece, was active with his workshop, at least for some of time, in Kašperské Hory, where he created a monumental ark for the local parish church of St Margaret (initially consecrated to St Linhart). In the centre of the piece were standing figures of Saints: apart from St Linhart a couple of other polychromed sculptures have survived and today are in the Šumava Museum (Kašperské Hory). It can be assumed that the statue of the St Virgin was actually part of the altarpiece (Aleš South Bohemian Gallery in Hluboká nad Vltavou). Literary sources usually relate this sculptor’s work to the work of the Master of Lamentation from Žebrák (the latter usually being described as his teacher). However, their different schooling - the Master from Žebrák being oriented rather on the Passau Danube region, and the Master from Zvíkov finding his inspiration in the more distant Swabia - seem to suggest that although these two personalities did not have very close personal ties, they often influenced each other.
measurements: height 158 cm
material: limewood
technique: partially original polychromy, gilding, silvering
inventory number: P 4485
gallery collection: Collection of Old Masters