Hercules with Cerberus from the Kolowrat Garden in Prague

Ferdinand Maxmilián Brokof

Ferdinand Maxmilián Brokof - Hercules with Cerberus from the Kolowrat Garden in Prague
The heroic figure of Heracles mastering the three-headed dog Cerberus was created for the fountain of the garden of the Novohradský z Kolovrat nobility on the former Královská (Royal) Street (now Příkopy Street) that extended there from the noble family’s palace on Ovocný trh. Together with the bowl of the fountain, the sculpture has lost its former visual impact that was also affected by the disintegration of the monster’s grotesque heads; nevertheless, the involvement of Ferdinand Maxmilian Brokoff in this work of the Prague workshop is well discernible, above all in the overstated yet sensitive modelling of the chest and head. The sculptural group was inspired by the like-themed figural groupings by Adriaen de Vries in Augsburg (1602) and the Wallenstein Garden in Prague, as well as a similar composition by Stefano Maderno, Hercules and Cacus (1620), known from several replicas. A direct model for Brokoff was the statue made by Jan Jiří Bendl, installed in the Royal Gardens in Prague (1670), which was in fact copied here.
measurements: height 207 cm
material: sandstone
inventory number: P 5176
gallery collection: Collection of Old Masters