Georg Raphael Donner - Pietà
The signed model of Pietà is one of several undisputed sculptures of Donner from his early period. The figure of the Madonna with softly shaped drapery of her cloak generally refers to Donner’s teacher Giulianni. Nevertheless, the athletic figure of Christ evidences the sculptor’s endeavour for the classical symmetry which became one of the principal aspects of his style and which demonstrates his artistic distinction. Given the material, fired-clay, it may be assumed that it was a model for never produced or lost work of art. The extent of the work’s completion as well as the colour tones of Pietà in a dark metal hue indicate the possibility that it was a finished sculpture or a model for a metal sculpture presented to the commissioner. Italian art of the 16th century inspired Donner’s artistic approach.
measurements: height 36 cm
material: terracotta with dark varnish
inventory number: P 5189
gallery collection: Collection of Old Masters