Nativity of Třebařov u Krasíkova

Master of the Madonnas of Olomouc

Master of the Madonnas of Olomouc - Nativity of Třebařov u Krasíkova
In the context of Late Gothic sculpture art in Moravia, the relief represents an exceptionally interesting work from a significant Olomouc workshop in the first quarter of the 16th century which was associated with the Bishop Jan Thurzo, his court, and the educated and Italian-oriented humanist Ladislav of Boskovice on whose domain most of the workshop-produced works have survived. Active in Olomouc at that time, the master appears to have apprenticed in Wroclaw with Jacob Beinhart who ran his large workshop there between 1483 and 1525. Regarding the face types and drapery schemes used in Wroclaw and Olomouc, it is likely that they intensely influenced each other during the first two decades of the 16th century and perhaps also included exchanging journeymen, workshop samplers, and designs. Furthermore, there was lively business activity between Olomouc and Wroclaw, supported by the Bishop of Olomouc, Stanislav Thurzo, and his brother Jan Thurzo, Bishop of Wroclaw.
measurements: height 130 cm
width 120 cm
material: limewood
technique: relief, fragments of original polychrome, silvering and gilding
inventory number: P 647
gallery collection: Collection of Old Masters