Eva Kmentová

Eva Kmentová - Landscape
Landscape and nature played a significant role in the sculpture and drawing of Eva Kmentová. Her original concept construed every living organism or its part as the landscape. The theme of the body, which becomes a familiar landscape by means of an imprint or casting, appears here for the very first time. The artist captured the organic transition between the figure and the Earth's surface as well as the blending of bodily forms with her idea of the landscape in her two-part relief composition consisting of imprints of her own body with simple colourful symbolism for the individual parts, the blue sky and the green grassy landscape.
measurements: height 120 cm
width 95 cm
depth 21 cm
material: polychrome asbestos cement
inventory number: P 8467
gallery collection: Collection of Modern and Contemporary Art
licence: copyrighted work

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