Nodal Poem 1

Jiří Kolář

Jiří Kolář - Nodal Poem 1
At the turn of the fifties and sixties, Jiří Kolář quit poetry which was based on working with words, gradually replacing the verbal conveyance by the visual one. He invented new fonts, set apart graphic signs which he later replaced by scraps of paper, stones, or small daily objects. In his object poetry, objects arranged in verses replaced words. Kolář drew inspiration from the quipus (talking knots) of the Inca to compose his knotted poems – assemblages of knotted strings with tied-in shreds of fabrics or metal components.
measurements: height 55 cm
width 43 cm
material: strings, textile, wire
technique: assemblage
inventory number: P 8710
gallery collection: Collection of Modern and Contemporary Art
licence: copyrighted work

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