Sculpture for the Wind

Stanislav Kolíbal

Stanislav Kolíbal - Sculpture for the Wind
Stanislav Kolíbal’s early sculptural production is determined by his intense interest in nature, its elementary processes and shapes which in the 1960s he transformed into minimalist works many times presenting a fragile balance or instability. Ordinariness and simplicity were important for him; therefore, he preferred white plaster. The statue of wind, inspired by a tuft of grass with soil, is a tribute to a thing so ordinary that we almost never notice it. Similar to the moving leaves of grass in the wind, Kolíbal’s sculpture is potentially kinetic and its balanced peace is only temporary.
measurements: height 140 cm
width 90 cm
depth 45 cm
in collections:
material: plaster, metal
inventory number: P 9075
gallery collection: Collection of Modern and Contemporary Art
licence: copyrighted work

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